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Ready for a new website? I’m here for you. Here’s how we’ll get started:

  • The consultation. We meet together to discuss your site. You bring your basic content ideas functionality needs, along with any existing communications materials for your company or group. I’ll ask questions about your needs and desires to get a feel for the scope of the project, and help you decide how hands-on you want to be after launch.
  • The quote. Within a week, I’ll provide a quote based on what you told us in the consultation which outlines the scope of the project, what your costs for our services are as well as web hosting, domain name charges and any additional purchases you may need to make based on the functionality you require. The quote will be good for 60 days, and when you accept it we will set a start date for the project with you.

The Build Process

Once you accept the quote, the build can begin! Building your site usually takes 4 to 8 weeks and has four phases:

  • Site planning. You’ll pull together all the content you want on your site. This includes things like logos, photos, and page content. I’ll be working with you to purchase your hosting and domain (if needed), your WordPress design, style and color palate.
  • Active build. This is when the site really grows! I’ll create your pages and apply the styles and images we’ve agreed on. We’ll be communicating regularly! I’ll ask for your feedback and pages will be finalized.
  • The launch. I’ll transfer the build to your host, test the content and launch your site. You can help by testing the content before and after it goes live.
  • Training. After we’ve completed your site, I’ll sit down with you and walk you through site basics, such as adding new pages and posts, adding events to your calendar, proper sizing for your images, etc.

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