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Where is God?

Life is hard. We’ve gotten busier and busier, more preoccupied with getting things done–work, housekeeping, childcare, appointments, classes, our social lives–and forgotten why we do those things in the first place. And when we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing, God seems remote.

If you are experiencing…

  • A stale or dry relationship with God,
  • A growing dissatisfaction with your religious life,
  • A crisis or life-change–a death, divorce, job change, unemployment, dissatisfaction with life–that leaves you longing for God’s perspective,
  • A sense of being called to “a new thing,”
  • A desire to enrich your life with God by exploring different forms of prayer or spiritual disciplines, then

Spiritual direction can help.

Spiritual direction is a way to connect with God more and more. It’s…

  • A monthly session tailored to you to address your relationship with God,
  • A place for you to talk about what lifts you up and what gets you down,
  • A protected space where you can freely express your doubts,
  • A process of learning how to listen to yourself and to God.

Contact Lisa Traylor, Spiritual Director

In 2011 I completed my spiritual direction training with the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation and have been practicing ever since. I am a member of Light of Christ Anglican Church in Kenosha, WI and have worked for several churches in communications and administration. I’ve taught classes on the spiritual disciplines, discovering your gifts, calling and vocation, connecting with God through Scripture and being a compassionate presence. I lead small groups, provides spiritual direction and occasionally teach at retreats.

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